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And now for the thrilling conclusion!

Here it is--the final chapter of the Adventures of the Mini-GFs. I hope you all enjoyed it. Maybe someday there will be tales written of the other GFs. Someday... someday...

When Carbunkle came to, Moomba was still gone, so Carbunkle tried one more time to find somebody to play with. He saw Leviathan at the beach. He hadn’t played with Leviathan, yet! This was a very bad idea because Leviathan was a bad GF, but as usual, nobody listened to the narrator. But back to the story.

Carbunkle ran over and said, “Leviathan, will you play with me?”

“Go away, I’m busy,” said Leviathan. Carbunkle sniffled a little, then started to run away crying. Leviathan hated to see people cry, so he ate Carbunkle so he wouldn’t have to listen anymore. Just kidding!

“What are you doing?” Carbunkle asked.

“I’m polishing my scales, go away,” said Leviathan.

“That sounds like a fun game!” Carbunkle said, very happy.

“Can I play, too?”

“No. Go away,” Leviathan said, a little angry.

“But I’m bored and lonely. Please?” Carbunkle asked. Leviathan sighed.

“Okay, you can help.”

“Yeah!” Carbunkle cheered, and started to polish Leviathan’s scales. Afterwards, Carbunkle had polished more scales than Leviathan, and they were shinier! Leviathan was very surprised. Then he got an idea. An evil idea. The Grinch… er, Leviathan got a wonderful, evil idea.

“That was fun! Can we play again?” Carbunkle asked. Leviathan smiled a mean smile.

“I have another game we can play,” he said. “It’s called Blow Up Small Coastal Villages.” (Leviathan wasn’t very imaginative) Carbunkle didn’t know what ‘Blow Up’ meant, so he thought it sounded like fun. Poor Carbunkle. Becoming a felon at such a young age. It’s so sad. But, back to the story. It was fun riding on top of Leviathan’s head as he swam out to the city. When they got there,

Leviathan said, “Okay, Carbunkle, do something.” Carbunkle cast Reflect on the small coastal village. Leviathan laughed an evil laugh, and cast Tsunami. It reflected back, hit Leviathan in the face, and washed Carbunkle all the way back to the land of GFs. Carbunkle was sad again because there was nobody else to play with. He wished Moomba would come back.

“I’M HOOOOOME!” said a loud voice. It was Moomba! Carbunkle was mad because he had left for so long, so he killed Moomba. Just kidding! Carbunkle was very, very happy. His best friend had finally returned.

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