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Why must everything have a sequel?

Today we made the mistake of going to the Japanese Square-Enix home page. It shouldn't have been a problem--I just wanted to see if they had the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + / Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 version website up, because it would probably have wallpapers. But it wasn't and we still had time to kill before Danny Phantom started, so I decided to see what Nintendo DS games they have. As it turns out, it looks like they're making a Final Fantasy XII prequel-y type thing for DS, and now we're wondering if we could get the import version, because it'd have all the Japanese voices. But then again, if it's a prequel, Balthier isn't likely to be in it. Sad.

We also discovered that the Mario Hoops game we've been seeing commercials for also has Final Fantasy characters--Ninja, White Mage, Black Mage, Moogle, and Cactuar. I guess the reason I didn't care before, even though I love the Mario characters, is that Mario's got a bunch of sports games out. But the designs for the FF characters are soooooo cute! It would be awesome to see people cosplaying White Mage and Black Mage at AX. The whole lineup for that game would be awesome, actually. That might could make for a cute skit.

So now our wanted video game list grows longer and longer. We don't have Xenosaga III, either. *sigh* We don't really have time to play video games anyway.

On another note, we got the cats a feather teaser thingy for Christmas. We wrapped it up so they could open it themselves, but whenever we tried to get them to, they seemed to lose interest pretty fast. But now that it's open, they seem to like it a lot. I'll be moving it around, trying to get them to attack it, and as soon as I stop paying attention, Mimsy will dart past, and kind of bat at it on her way, and then try to look as if nothing had happened. That's right. She's too cool to be taken in by a piece of plastic with feathers on the end. I'm amazed at how durable it is, though. So far not only are all the feathers still attached, but there haven't been any little feather bits taken off.

Today I'm thankful for durable cat toys, having things to work towards, tropical Starburst, days when Final Jeopardy! isn't interrupted by breaking news, and too cool kitties.
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