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Timmy fell in the well?

Last night they showed the episode of Smallville with the Flash. I guess they're showing all the episodes with other superheroes so when they show the Justice League episode people won't all be like, "Who was that again?" Especially since they're using Cyborg. Though I guess that's not uniquely messed up, because after we looked up Bart Allen Flash, we found out that he's actually the youngest Flash, after Wally West. We have to wonder if they used Bart Allen because Michael Rosenbaum plays Wally West. We also noticed that Bart and Lex were never both in the same room and conscious at the same time. It was especially amusing when Lex was knocked out right before Bart woke up from being knocked out himself.

Today we watched Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. The last segment they had was HIII-larious. Or, we thought so anyway. Donner and Blitzen were really fun. It was fun watching the extra where it showed the animator for Minnie for the ice skating one watching Michelle Kwan for reference. It was so cute because she would go to see what he'd drawn and just be amazed at how many great drawings he had, but he was like, "Oh this is just for reference, this isn't what we're gonna use..." which seemed to us kind of like, "Don't look at my horrible drawings!" At least, that's how I would have felt. But they were good drawings. A lot better than I could do in so short a time.

I think that's about all I have to talk about today. Oh! Except that it was really neat when they closed up on the back of Scrooge's head to see that all his extra "hair" was really feathers. I mean, obviously that would be the case, but it was cool to see it.

Today I'm thankful for getting our taxes paid, getting our errands run, having a shiny scrubbed bathroom, having a Mimsy on my lap, and Toma having returned to Royal Wonder Academy.
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