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We're feeling very whiny today. I guess that's what we get for not paying our taxes. We so would have ordered shiny new CDs a couple of weeks ago if we hadn't been hit by the IRS. But soon we'll be off the hook for taxes until April, and that'll be nice. It's frustrating not to be able to spend our Christmas money on fun stuff, but since Dad sent his money in smaller bills instead of large ones, we decided not to deposit it in the bank, so it's kind of off the radar anyway. So we might use it and our Game Stop gift card to get a video game or two. If we can get to Game Stop.

We are such brats today. Constantly whining about how we need to get a paid LJ account so we can use more icons even though we don't have any more icons to use, really. And I keep thinking about how neat it would be to try out some of the Disney recipes in that book I got, but I have to be a smart alec about it. I like the idea of Mushu's Happy-to-see-you Porridge, and I want to try it out, but without the bacon and eggs. And then since the recipe is for oatmeal, that basically takes away all relation to the film, because, since they're in China, obviously the porridge would have been made of rice. And Meeko's Cornmeal Crackers seem neat, too, but again, they're based on the hardtack John Smith gave him, so obviously they wouldn't be made with cornmeal, because John Smith didn't even know corn existed until after he gave the hardtack to Meeko. Oh well.

On the bright side, we got to go to the bank and get the new ATM card working, and to test it out, we bought stamps! This is very happy, because before, the only stamps we had were the special Disney romance stamps and the special DC Comics stamps, and we hated to use them because we'd stick them on the envelope and be like, "There you go. We may never see you again... Goodbye... *sniffle*." It was very sad. But now we have normal stamps, so we can save all the special ones we have left.

Speaking of DC Comics, we got a happy holidays e-mail from one of the guys at DC Comics! Deal with it!

I am a brat today.

But in other good news, while we were out today, we drove by a Jack in the Box and found out that they have mozarella sticks! That means we can have cheese sticks and curly fries, just like at the Cougar Cove! Gooooooood times. Now we just have to get to Jack in the Box.

Today I'm thankful for having normal stamps to use, having a working ATM card, popcorn chicken, having a chance to sit and read manga, and the hood on my jacket.

EDIT: I meant to post this, too, but almost forgot! The Animate TV site's got a promo movie for the Saiyuki Burial OVA up on their site. Here's the link! Click on one of the orange buttons to watch the movie. The one on the left is narrowband, and the one on the right is broadband. Kazuya Minekura said in her weblog that you can't really tell from the preview, but she's seen the whole thing and it's gorgeous. Seeing all the blood splatters, and remembering some of the stuff in the Sanzo chapter, I'm a little worried for ourselves, but since we know a bunch of people on our friends lists are a little bloodthirsty... *grin*

I sure hope we can afford it when it comes out.
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