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Extended Christmas festivities

Today was the first day of our extended Christmas festivities. We wrote some e-mails (it was technically only one, but I accidentally sent part of it before I finished, eheh...) and played a little more with out new toys. I feel like I mess up playing the piano more when I have a metronome, because the tempo I'm used to playing a piece doesn't match the one the music tells me to set the metronome to, so I end up losing the rhythm a lot. I think I may ignore the metronome for Vamo al...not sure on the spelling, the chocobo hot and cold music from FF9, because I like to play it really fast. I haven't gotten to Rose of May yet, but I think I'll have to slow that one down, too, which would actually be a good thing in that case.

We also opened up the Zizzlingers we bought, which are those little Disney princesses figurines I mentioned the other day. This time we got Cinderella in her ball gown and capeless Snow White. (For some reason they have her with and without her cape, but not in her rags, even though they do have Cinderella in her rags. They also have mermaid Ariel with and without Flounder.) They are so adorable! And now they're standing in front of our monitor being ever so cute. It's kind of interesting that we got Snow White and Cinderella, because those are Celeste and Sarah's princesses. But before Celeste and Sarah had princesses, and before The Little Mermaid came out, I was Cinderella and Athena was Snow White.

And! in all the craziness with work and stuff before Christmas, we forgot to decline the featured title from the Disney Movie Club a while ago, so now we have a copy of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas that came today, along with the double feature (not sure how we ended up with that, but it was only $7 extra), Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. So our extended Christmas festivities will extend a little longer. We also want to watch Muppet Christmas Carol again, because when we watched it on Christmas Eve, people were playing Scrabble and it was distracting. And then we got even more distracted thinking about how distracted we were, and thinking about our superhero personas in case we want to put forth the effort to be ready to audition for the second season of Who Wants to be a Superhero?.

So yes. There will be more watching of Christmas movies this week, but today was spent playing Final Fantasy XII. The only downside is the relative lack of chocolate in our stockings. We shall have to remedy that.

Today I'm thankful for adorable Disney princess figurines, Mickey Mouse Christmas movies, PEZ dispensers, extended Christmas festivities, and finally knowing what kinako is.
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