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Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

Today has certainly been an interesting day, but fortunately, and perhaps unexpectedly, I mean that in a good way. We woke up at eight, because we agreed we'd meet over at Mom's place at eight-thirty for presents. So we read scriptures, Celeste got out of bed, and we headed over there.

For some reason Mom decided we had to open the Santa presents first, which I think may have been a bad idea. All the kids got their own Nintendo DS (except Steve's oldest, who wanted an iPod), so most people too distracted by shiny handheld game systems to pay attention to the rest of the presents. Of course, with something as awesome as a Nintendo DS, I can't blame them too much.

So, I probably don't need to say that most of the rest of the day was spent with everyone playing their DS. The bundles we each got came with the Super Mario game where he gets all huge, so once we figured out how to connect the systems for VS. battle, the two of us, Celeste, and Sarah spent hours playing minigames against each other. Then we decided to play with the picto-chat feature, which was interesting because of course we were all in the same room. I'm a little sad you can't save the conversations.

For the curious, the pictures we ended up using for the pajama t-shirts all had pictures of kitties we got from a link supplied by duelist. On the one hand, who doesn't like kitties?, but on the other our family can be crazy, so we were worried how people would like them. But I think overall everybody liked theirs a lot. We won't know about Aurora for a while, though.

Everybody got along and was nice to each other, but Steve seemed to be reacting a little sensitively to some things (though perhaps we were imagining it), and I probably shouldn't have said, "I think the entire concept of My Super Ex-Girlfriend is just wrong," in front of someone who obviously liked it enough that they would have wanted it for Christmas. But it's just so wrong!! Fortunately for everyone else, it didn't errupt into an argument. I just like to explain my point and I didn't get to. *pout*

I'm such a brat.

When we got home, there was a package waiting on our doorstep. There was a card inside saying it was from the Relief Society, and we thought, "Awww, how sweet!" until we noticed that the Target gift card was for $50 and we were like, "WHAT!?" It was kind of like an, "Is it really okay for us to have this?" moment. I mean, it's not like the RS presidency gave $50 Target gift cards to all the girls in the ward, and we thought most of the presidency knew that we're not quite so poor any more. But they also know that Celeste has been going through a lot. Come to think of it, I know they knew Celeste was planning to stay home alone for Christmas, but I don't know if they found out that those plans changed... Maybe that was it. But it was addressed to all three of us... I don't know.

Other fun Christmas gifts include a Disney book that has the story from a bunch of the movies, plus trivia questions, and an activity and recipe to go with each one. Athena got Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, which is good because we wanted it, but weren't sure if we would ever spend the money on it. And Celeste gave me a metronome, which I've been wanting because I keep complaining about tempo and now I can know whether or not I'm getting it right myself.

Dad called after we got home. He'd probably called a few times, not knowing how long we'd be out. We were actually hoping to get home earlier, because the cats were still all alone (not that they really care), but we had a hard time tearing ourselves away. We were having a nice time with Sarah and Mom. And so I got to talk to Dad and that was nice. I kind of worried about telling him about the stuff we got, because he still seems a little bitter toward Mom, but you know kids--they like talking about the neat stuff they got. And really, play Nintendo is practically all we did all day.

So today I'm thankful that we had a nice Christmas without drama and/or angst (at least not that I know of), the awesomeness of Nintendo DS (this is the first time I've had my own handheld system! Maybe that's why Celeste and Athena are so much better at the actual game than I am), everybody liking their presents and pajamas (though we're a little concerned that perhaps Steve was upset that we didn't get specific presents for his kids), our very generous Relief Society presidency, and thoughtful presents from our family.
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