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Night at the Museum

Today has certainly been interesting. Steve called while we were carpooling to the retirement home to sing carols, and consequently Celeste was not feeling very well afterward. At least, I think that's why. Because Steve's whole thing was that he wanted Celeste to go over there with everyone for Christmas, and Celeste said as long as she could see that Mom cared enough to make some effort to get her over there, she would. And since it didn't look like Mom was trying to get Celeste to come, I can imagine that that would be very depressing for Celeste.

And that's when we had a Christmas miracle.

Our big plan was to see Night at the Museum after we went caroling. As it turned out, our anime buddy couldn't make it, so we were on our own. To make things even more confusing, Celeste asked our anime buddy to take the two of us home, while she walked back to the church to get her own car. So when we got home, we checked movie times and decided to try for a twilight showing instead of a matinee, as we'd originally planned. This meant that we had to call Mom and tell her that even though we'd told her to stop by this evening to pick up the pajamas, our plans had changed and we wouldn't be around this evening.

So I called Mom, and felt that maybe I should tell her that the reason our plans had changed was because we were going to see Night at the Museum, and we decided to go at a different time. As it just so happened, she and Steve were also planning to see Night at the Museum tonight, and she invited us to join them. Celeste was still none too happy with Mom, so this was the scary part. We ran the idea by Celeste, and she said she didn't want to go with Mom but we could if we wanted. We wanted to go with Celeste, because we knew Celeste wanted to see it, and that had been the plan ever since we saw the preview when we went to see Stranger Than Fiction.

I called Mom and declined her invitation, but I still had to ask why she didn't just tell Celeste she wanted her to come over for Christmas. She asked what else she needed to do--she had bought a bazillion presents (bazillion was my word), and done all this other stuff, and etc. etc. I said that Celeste's language of love (you know that five languages of love stuff? It always kind of makes me gag, but the guy's got a point, and Mom is like obsessed with it) is words, and if Mom doesn't tell Celeste something, she won't really understand. Ugh, I hate telling this part because it sounds like I'm bragging, but I really think it was inspiration and not me, and I have a bad habit of wanting to explain the details.

Anyway, Mom asked to talk to Celeste. That was the really scary part. I asked Celeste if she would talk to Mom, and she said yes, so I brought the phone in to her, and Athena and I spent a very tense few minutes waiting for them to finish talking. They did, and I apologized to Celeste when she came out to hang up the phone, and when we asked if we were still going to the twilight show, she said no we're going with Mom and Steve. After that, she was a lot more cheerful, so all in all, I think Night at the Museum helped save Christmas. I still don't trust Mom and Steve, but I'm definitely glad for Celeste.

Then we went to see Night at the Museum, and it was totally totally awesome. Some of the casting kind of ended up blowing my mind, though. And I'm happy that after a while we were able to remember it well enough to start quoting it. Very awesome movie!

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Celeste making up (at least long enough that everyone sort of gets what they want for Christmas), getting to see Night at the Museum, awesome movies about history (sort of), inspiration, and Christmas miracles.
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