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We now have t-shirts! Dah da-dah daaaahhh! They're all cute and adorable. Hopefully everyone will like them. Now I just have to do the stupid pants. We also have to tell Mom that Celeste is serious about not going over there for Christmas. That'll be an interesting conversation. Of course, it might be something simple like, "By the way, Celeste's not coming." "Okay, we'll be sure to pick you up." But somehow I doubt life will be that easy.

More likely, it'll go like, "I have good news! Celeste won't be bothering you at Christmas!" "That little brat." "Oh, come on..." And then I'll start defending Celeste, and that's when things will get fun.

Personally, we can see why Celeste should not go over there for Christmas. It's just like how we had to make sure to finally refuse an invitation to their place--so they'd know they can't treat us like crap and expect us to keep coming back. We're ready to steal Celeste's presents if we have to.

Okay, so maybe we don't have all the equipment we need, like lockpicks and stuff, but if we're sneaky enough the day of, we might not need that stuff. At any rate, we've got the emotional preparation. (I can't say we have the mental preparation, though. That would require us to have a plan.)

On another note, we've been hit by the Christmas Spirit Bandits. I don't know if I mentioned the Treat Turkey around Thanksgiving (usually I have a better memory than that--the past couple of months are such a blur...), but it's basically the same idea. Somebody came over secretly and dropped off some treats at our door, and they came with a note that said that now that we've been hit, we're supposed to take treats to somebody else. We got hit by the Treat Turkey twice and did nothing, because we suck. See, we only really know a few people in the ward (after two years; how lame is that? We blame the fact that most of the people we met right off have now gone off and gotten married), and those few people are most likely the ones who got us in the first place. So we're at a total loss. Also, Celeste is a slacker, and we don't have a car. It makes things very difficult. Oh well. Hopefully we'll think of something. My visiting teacher's coming over today...

We also got our Christmas cards from Grandma, today, and it's very difficult not to take the money out right now, deposit it, and make an order to CD Japan. All this darn anime reminding me of CDs. But we have to make sure we get enough money to pay rent, first. Plus, we should maybe wait until Christmas to open the cards anyway. We also got a Christmas card from Steve's friend's family, which is baffling, because we're not really friends with them, and there's not really any message or anything, just a picture of the family. Or maybe I'm too grinchy about things and should be happy to have been thought of.

Oh! Athena mentioned mock-niceness, and that reminds me that I wanted to talk about Corda! We just watched episode 11 today.

Corda is a great series. I love the premise, and I love that it's all about classical music and stuff, and I like the main character, but I'm not sure how I feel about most of the guy characters. I mean, I think I like most of them. I love Hihara to bits, but Tsukimori is a jerk and Tsuchiura is stupid. I want somebody to smack Shimizu and wake him up so he talks at a normal speed.

And then there's Yunoki. Sometimes I would be overcome with an inexplicable urge to take his flute and beat him over the head with it.

Today we found out why that is. He's a big phony. And that's exactly the kind of person we don't care for so much. Like S...someone else I could name. Of course, for all we know, his being a jerk to Kahoko is the phony part, since we haven't watched episode 12 yet and we haven't played the game or read the manga. But it really would explain why I want to beat him up with his own flute.

Tsukimori is starting to grow on me, though. I guess he's allowed to have the awesome forest background in the opening sequence. Too bad Yunoki has my other favorite background.

While I was typing this up, I was interrupted by my visiting teacher stopping by, and she agreed to take over the Christmas Spirit Bandit thing. We had to relinquish the candy to her, but I think it was the right thing to do. Or a right thing to do, anyway. Better than eating all the candy and not paying it forward.

Today I'm thankful for friendly visiting teachers, adorable pictures on t-shirts, the Christmas Spirit Bandits, getting Christmas cards, and having ice cream to make up for the candy we gave away.
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