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Winter break!

Happy Birthday, chibidrunksanzo! May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white!! And birthdays! Since you like that and stuff.

Today our Christmas vacation begins! Except that we have to go to the post office soon for work purposes, but other than that, we're on vacation. It's the first time we've been able to take time off since we started working on the crazy crazy thing back in the beginning of October, and it's a very nice feeling. First it's nice, because it means we've been working for three months straight, which means hopefully we'll stop being poor for a while. And second, it's nice to have time to watch anime and play video games while Celeste is at work, so we don't have to worry about whether or not she's bored.

We've watched five episodes of anime so far, so now we're down to two episodes per series. We have to get caught up soon, because we recently found out that there's an anime based on the newest manga by Majiko! (her pen name includes the !). Since we translate a series of hers, we definitely want to see this anime, but, since l33t-raws doesn't distribute it, it isn't yet included in our long list of anime to watch. So now we have to make sure we don't have too much other stuff to watch before taking on a new series. The manga we translate of hers is St. Lunatic High School, an online exclusive at TokyoPop, and it happens to be what we're going to be working on next. The anime is something with a weird spelling, so I'll have to mention it again later. We've only seen one picture of it, but it looked really pretty.

The ward Christmas dinner was pretty nice. They had a karaoke contest, which would have been a lot better if they had had more Christmas songs that are suited to karaoke. We had to leave before they announced the winners, because the bishop wanted to make sure we got our tree and the guy who was going to deliver it had to go? or something? So he drove us home with the tree while Celeste stayed because she wanted to sing more, which she couldn't anyway, because they ended the contest. Lame. But apparently we won third place! Yippee!

Also, since our anime buddy is tied up until about Friday, my visiting teacher agreed to take us to Target so we could do some Christmas shopping today! We should be able to get everything except maybe something for Aurora, but we won't be seeing her until January, so it's okay. Though I do wonder if that will happen to be the same weekend as Dad's wedding, which will make things interesting because Aurora coming up here will definitely mean attempts at getting a "family" photo. And it certainly doesn't help things that we didn't go to Mom's wedding. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Today I'm thankful for Christmas break, having a ride to Target, being able to get third place in a karaoke contest, the smell of live Christmas trees, and having won a Target gift card that will help a little with our shopping.
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