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We got a slow start today, because! we had to pay bills. More like got to, I think, because it's nice to be able to pay your bills, and have the illusion of having money left over. The rest of that money is technically supposed to go to pay Athena's share of taxes, but hopefully we'll be getting another check soon.

In the meantime, we decided to do some Christmas shopping. We only bought one thing, though, because we don't want to pay shipping if we don't have to, and without someone to drive us around, we can only shop online. But we did come up with ideas for gifts! We came up with the perfect idea for Celeste, and a good one for Sarah, and we bought a present for Mom, which ended up costing less and more than we thought at the same time. We saw it before and we thought, "Ooooh, we can get her that!" and then today it was on sale! So it was like destiny and stuff. But then we decided to go with the three-day shipping, so it cost more.

Fortunately, we called Sarah and she's happy to chip in. Now we have to see if Celeste and Aurora will, which will be tricky, because Celeste is very unhappy with Mom right now, and we don't know how to contact Aurora.

Celeste came up with a great idea for a present for Dad, but that's another one that'll be tricky. She thought it would be good to get a picture of the five of us and put it in a nice frame. The problem there is getting pictures of everyone, especially because Aurora is very unhappy with Dad. I want to say we put the fun in dysfunction, but we're not even that cool. It's kind of depressing.

So now all that's left is to figure out what to get Aurora, which sucks because technically, she's the only one we're obligated to get a present for. She's getting married March-ish, so maybe some stuff newlyweds would like. Any ideas, anyone?

On an entirely different note, pudges has requested that we transcribe the yellow paper for everyone to see, so here it is!

(See Alma (50:1-6; D&C 27:15-18)

1.I begin the day with fervent prayer and turn to Heavenly Father as needed throughout the day. (Before you pray, ask yourself, "What is the biggest challenge or struggle I have today?" Then talk openly to Heavenly Father about it and ask for His help.)

2. I begin the day by searching the scriptures and the brethren and turn to them as needed throughout the day.

3. I act as directed by the Spirit based upon gospel principles and covenants. (The Sword)

4. When tempted, I say to myself, "Jesus loves me and I love Jesus" and I repeat it over and over until the temptation leaves. He overcame every temptation and He will help me to do likewise. (The Shield)

By doing the above you will be clear in your decision making and living your life.
CLEAR - a clear mind; not cloudy; bright; light; transparent; having a pure, even color; without stain or blemish; perceives distinctly; easily seen, heard, or understood; sure; certain; not blocked or obstructed; open; free from blame and guilt; innocent; without limitation; complete.

--> Pray for a clear mind, a pure heart & helping hands.
--> Choose to be faithful and righteous, which brings you happiness. (1 Peter 3:12)
--> Repent.
--> Let God help you. Put your life in His hands. (Ensign. 7/06 p.9)
--> Seek to know and do His will, hearken to His Voice and keep His Commandments. (Hel. 10:4)
--> "Do the nearest job at hand and do it well." (Pres. McKay's Success Formula)
--> "Remember, it's not about you, but about Him and them."
--> "You emanate what you think and people feel it." (Jackie Ryles)
--> "Focus on the positive & doing good, like the Savior did."

(For best results read the following statement enthusiastically out loud in front of a mirror daily or several times a week.)
"I, ________, an a son/daughter of God. Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be happy and return home to him and so do I. He has given me His plan, His laws and His Son Jesus Christ to save me, so that I can. Jesus is My Savior, My Light, My Way, My Truth and My Life. He loves me. He is my strength and my salvation. He will not allow me to be tempted more than I can endure as I stay on His path of happiness with His help; which is virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness and keeping all His commandments. He takes good care of me, if I allow Him, through my being humble and exercising faith in Him. He goes before my face, as He is on my right side and on my left, and as His Spirit is in my heart and as his angels are round about me to bear me up. As I follow Him I will have peace in this life and Eternal Life in the world to come."

Whew, that last part was long. Anyway, there you have it. Like I said before, cheesy, but helpful, I think.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Secondhand Lions, being able to buy Christmas presents for people, this one book we're working on being the last translation before January thus giving us time to buy gloves before starting the next one, the fact that Mimsy is only rarely standing on keys on the keyboard, and the things we want to buy people for Christmas being on sale.

Also! Tonight is our ward Christmas dinner. They're going to have four Christmas trees for decorations, and since they won't need them afterward, they'll be giving them to members of the ward who don't have Christmas trees. That means us! Yay! So that's one more thing to be thankful for!
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