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While we wait to get picked up for Steve's son's birthday celebration, we might as well update LiveJournal. Church was pretty awesome today. Our bishop's going out of town next week, so we had our ward musical sacrament meeting. The ward choir director did an awesome job putting it together, and it was more than just retelling the nativity story with music and narration. She did the last narration and it was a story I'd never heard before, and it was really sweet. I wanted to ask her for a copy so I could post it here, but I didn't catch her. Of course, for all I know, the reason I've heard all the stories I've heard a million times that often is that it's a regional thing, and everybody already knows the one I'm thinking of. It talks about guys teaching about Christmas to orphans in Russia in 1994. Ring any bells?

In Relief Society, the teacher read excerpts from the picture book Ten Virgins, and now I think I'd like a copy. Unfortunately, I wasn't really paying much attention during the rest of the lesson, because I was trying hard not to list anime serieses in my head that a toned martial artist could look really awesome cosplaying. See, now that the AX registration is up, we were telling our anime buddy about it before sacrament meeting started, so it was on my mind when the other major anime fan in the ward showed up with his girlfriend. So I thought about telling them about it, because he might like to go, and his girlfriend might liven things up in our hotel room if we share with our anime buddy again, because she's a fun person, and the three of us aren't always very talkative.

And then soon before we finished up in the library, the guy in the ward who isn't an anime geek but does like it and even asked us about FullMetal Alchemist stopped by to say hi, so I'm like, "If he comes, he and the other anime guy can share a hotel room, and we might be able to get an awesome cosplay group!" And he's the one that works out all the time and bikes everywhere and has some level of kung fu training. Of course, we haven't talked to anybody yet, and we haven't even thought of a good series to cosplay, so really we may as well be talking about The Mythical Time. But that's what I was thinking about, even if it never happens. Heck, we don't even know if our anime buddy's going to make it next year.

After church, we had tithing settlement. We kind of snuck in while the people who had signed up for earlier appointments were being late. But this year we got an added bonus from going to tithing settlement, because our bishop bought a couple of crates of the military issue Book of Mormons, which are now apparently on sale to not-so-military people? We don't know, but he's giving them out to everybody, so now we have chibi Book of Mormons! They're very very cute. And have tiny tiny print.

He also gave us each a pass-along card. I don't know if we'll ever get a chance to use them, since we stay in our apartment just about all the time, but now we have them, just in case.

And! we got these yellow papers with kind of a daily checklist of things to do to keep the spirit with you all the time. It's actually pretty cheesy, but in that, "Hey, it's cheesy, but they're all good ideas!" sort of way. Like it says, "When faced with temptation, repeat to yourself, 'I love Jesus and he loves me.'" And they're all good reminders, so we're thinking of taping them up next to our beds so we can remember everything in the mornings. Our bishop really wants to get them out to everybody for the new year, because he's been noticing a lot of not-so-good stuff going on, and he's pretty sure it can help. I think it can too, so long as people don't think it's too cheesy.

So now we have about an hour before heading over to Mom's place. I wonder if we should take our yellow papers...

Today I'm thankful for superhero postage stamps, chibi Book of Mormons, those yellow papers we got, two cute guys coming to say hi to us in the library today, and happy stories in sacrament meeting and Relief Society.
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