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Black Blood Brothers and stuff

Oy, our date thingie refuses to give us the right time today. Oh well.

Sometimes I feel like we're being neglected and I wonder if it's because we're liberal leftist bleeding-heart commie pinkos. Or maybe I just wanted to say that because I heard it on Comedy Central and thought it was funny.

Anyway, it's okay, because we have lots of anime characters to keep us company, like Jiro from Black Blood Brothers. It took me forever to remember his name, which is ironic, because they have a scene in the second episode where they keep talking about remembering names. I guess I was just like, "Well, as long as Mimiko and Jiro know each other's names..." To us, he was just Sakurai Takahiro's character.

We just watched the end of Black Blood Brothers, which is of course why I'm talking about it. I think we might have to find the manga (at least, I think there's a manga), because they did the thing like at the end of Batman Begins where they say, "Look, we have this other story arc just waiting for you! But we're not going to show it to you, nyah." But it's a vampire series, and the anime had enough blood in it to make us a little bit wary of the manga. But Kotaro is so cute! He'll make everything better. Now we just need to wait until we have enough money to buy manga again.

The ending theme is stuck in my head right now, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, I love the series, but the end song sounds like Dido singing, and we don't much care for her. She was like a crazy psycho lady. I mean, have you read the Aeneid?

Neither have I, but I was supposed to. We read part of it. Maybe. I don't remember. But we did go over the part with Dido in class, and man, she was crazy. She wasn't in Black Blood Brothers, but Cassandra was. Only it probably wasn't that Cassandra.

I need a rambling icon.

We did get whisked away today, but only briefly. It actually worked out very, very well, because we got to go to the bank and grocery shopping, and we got to have MacDonald's for lunch! So now we can pay bills and my half of what we owe the IRS, and we're not going to die or be killed! Yay!

We did end up having to join Mom and Steve (Kimee was there too, but I'm not sure that's relevant) as they did their visiting/home teaching. They both have this one lady in a retirement home as one of their teachees. She's a very sweet lady, but neither of us can really stand retirement homes. I'm not sure what it is, but we're very uncomfortable around old people. Fortunately, Steve did most of the talking, so we just had to stand around for a while as they visited and stuff.

And so now we can spend the rest of the day watching anime and playing video games, maybe translating some, without having to worry about what we're going to do for breakfast tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have lunch at MacDonald's, people who aren't me that like spending time with old people, being able to pay our bills, Black Blood Brothers, and having chocolate chip muffins for breakfast tomorrow.
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