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Now we've turned in our translation for +ANIMA 5. Once we turn the book back in, we will be +ANIMA-less. Except for the English copy of volume 1 that we have, which I guess means we're definitely not +ANIMA-less... but... but... *whine*it's in English!

Oh well. At least we still have the pretty pictures to look at. Maybe one day we'll find an awesome one to scan and make an icon out of. As soon as we finally take time to look through the book.

Volume 5, of course, is the one where they start going into what may be major plot stuff at the end, so that makes it even more sad that we're done and don't have volume 6. Senri was very talkative in this volume. It was astounding. Whole sentences with particles and everything!

We had to go refind all our Ainu language links, too. They ended up not helping, but it's neat to have them. Maybe we should learn Ainu! That way, if we want to talk amongst ourselves in a language nobody else understands, we don't have to worry about people like Steve having been on missions to Japan. ...which is really a very bad reason to learn a language. Still, Ainu stuff is really neat.

And! Celeste has plans all weekend, so we can look forward to a weekend of catching up on anime, or getting ahead on the new series. Unless we end up being whisked away again, but if that happens, we should at least get a trip to the bank out of it, and since we got our check from Del Rey today, that will be a very helpful thing (in our efforts not to be killed by the IRS). So all in all, things are pretty exciting. Especially because there's a lot of firework potential coming up!

Yesterday, Mom called and said that they're celebrating Steve's oldest's birthday on Sunday, and we're invited. This could be interesting for a few reasons. First, Steve's oldest is the son that was very much against his father even dating, and soon after Mom and Steve got married, he suddenly went atheist (and they wonder why...). He's very rebellious, and Steve has a habit of treating people who don't follow the norm as almost subhuman. This kid may not be included so much in the subhuman thing since we told Steve it seemed like that's what he was doing, so we'll see.

The other reason is that, not to be left out of the "my child is evil" club, Mom has been having issues with Celeste. It all started (well, the current issues) when Celeste needed her birth certificate so she could get her driver's registration stuff taken care of. She'd been putting it off for a while, and it was to the point where she'd gotten a notice about being charged with a misdemeanor or something. Obviously, she was panicked. But Mom had the birth certificate, and Celeste couldn't find her passport. So she went to Mom's place to see if her passport was there. We hear she and Sarah looked all over the place, except for in Mom's stuff, because Mom had told Celeste that she was not to obtain her birth certificate without Mom being there, because Mom didn't want Celeste going through her stuff. But Celeste knew exactly which box the certificate was in (it's been the same box since like forever, and it's kind of a distinct box), so she quickly retrieved the box from Mom's stuff and looked through it just long enough to find her birth certificate. Sarah said she'd keep it secret, so we don't know how Mom found out, but she did, and they haven't made up since.

Celeste keeps going over there for some reason, and last night Mom succeeded in ticking Celeste off enough that Celeste is willing to give up all her Christmas presents so she doesn't have to go over there for Christmas. But Celeste is toying with the idea of going to the birthday party, wearing a ring that she will claim is an engagement ring from the boy she met through LDS Singles. I think it could be very amusing, but then again...

I think the safest plan is to determine to be amused by everything, because as soon as we take offense and start fighting back, things will just be awful. We also need to make sure that neither of us or Celeste is left alone with Mom or Steve, because that will almost inevitably end in severe emotional damage. Wow, that sounds terrible. *sigh*

Anyway, now we have to decide whether to start our weekend early, or get to work on this new series, because our boss said they need it fast. Before, when we'd take a rush job, they'd send us the book, and we'd just finish it! But this time, not only did we finish two other books first, but we'd stop translating +ANIMA early in the day to catch up on anime. We figured it was okay because we had still translated a lot of pages, but still. So I think we'll do at least one CD's worth.

Today I'm thankful for having Cheez-Its to snack on, getting our check from Del Rey, having a shiny new ATM card, +ANIMA 5, and a weekend to catch up on stuff at least a little.

PS: Aww, not entering a subject didn't make the subject "Enter a Subject". *pout*
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