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I knew it! Just from the preview I knew it! We were watching Kekkaishi, and there was a new character, and he looked very much like an Akira Ishida♥ character, and then he finally started talking and he was! ♥♥♥

He'll probably only be in the one episode, but he played the Kouichi Tohchika character's brother, which is hilarious because the two of them are Hakkai and Hazel. And! he had to speak in Kansai dialect♥ Now if only we can get something where he has to speak full English sentences...

I keep forgetting that Tohchika-san is one of the Kansai dialect guys, which really is ironic, since I think Hazel (and maybe Benitora in Samurai Deeper Kyo) has the heaviest dialect of all the Kansai dialect characters I've heard. But now I think I'll remember♥

Anyway, it was an awesome episode, and Kekkaishi is a really good show, and I highly recommend it.

Today started out with the maintenance guy coming to fix our shower. Oreo was so freaked out he couldn't seem to get deep enough under the covers. He stayed there all morning, too, and didn't even get breakfast. But the maintenance guy was probably here no longer than ten minutes before he said, "All fixed," and left. It was amaaaaazing.

And then we worked on +Anima, which was a lot less of a workout for the brain than the stuff we've been working on recently. Probably helps that we're on volume 5, so it's easier to get into the groove. And the main characters are about eleven years old, so they don't use big confusing sentences. We got through seventy pages today! イエ~イ! (I just like saying that today.)

We also found out yesterday that DC Comics usually pays within two weeks, which means that if Del Rey sends us the payment for the first book we translated as soon as we send them the W-9 form (again; this is crazy, really), not only will we be able to pay our taxes, bills, and rent, but we might actually get to buy some Christmas presents, too! This is very exciting.

And while I'm talking about random things, I keep forgetting that I want to talk about when B.D. Wong (Shang in Mulan) was on the Rosie O'Donnell show promoting Mulan. The clip they showed was the one where he takes off his shirt and then starts talking about their training and stuff, and Mr. Wong pointed out that Shang is the first Disney character with nipples. Tsk, tsk, we thought. He probably just got that idea from Pocahontas, but Hercules and Quasimodo both had nipples. We're pretty sure King Triton did, too. But actually, the earliest animated Disney character we know of with visible nipples was Chernabog, from the Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Fantasia, 1940 (58 years before Mulan). He was followed shortly by a bunch of harpies with nipples; I really wonder how that got past the censors. Maybe they were too abstract (or abstract enough, depending on how you look at it).

I just had to point that out, because it's bugged me ever since I saw that interview. I really need to let things go. Or stop showing off. But it is at least a tiny bit interesting, isn't it?

Today I'm thankful for fixed showers, +Anima chapters about Husky♥, the very likely possibility that we're not going to die this month, Disney trivia, and finishing work early so we can catch up on anime.
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