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I wonder if it would be better to divide the AX pictures into smaller batches for easier viewing?

Today didn't start off very well. I was annoyed because I had to scrub the bathtub, and because Celeste made it a point to remind us to do it last night, which may not have been so annoying if she hadn't prefaced it with, "I don't want to sound pushy, but..." And dude, she just got the cleaner on Saturday, and obviously we're not going to work on cleaning on Sunday. She should have at least given us until tonight before she started getting nervous about whether or not it would get done, which, by the way, it did.

Okay, so now that I'm done venting. It's not actually completely finished yet, but it's pretty darn close. We'll be talking to the managers tomorrow anyway.

Having to scrub the bathtub also wouldn't have seemed so daunting if not for all the translation we need to get done. And we got off to a really slow start today. But thanks to relative lack of dialogue in dramatic scenes and Kingdom Hearts magic, we got a lot more done than we expected, and now I'm feeling a lot better about life. It looks like we even have time for some anime!

Today I'm thankful for being almost done with the CMX book, Kingdom Hearts working its magic again, having time to watch anime today, having an almost-clean bathtub, and AX pictures.
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