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Bored with boredom.

And so we didn't get any more work done yesterday. We meant to, but then we got distracted by Christmas special on ABC Family. I think I would have been able to turn the second one off, but Celeste had it on earlier when they were showing The Life and Times of Santa Claus or whatever that one is where Santa grows up in the forest, and I was like, "But what happened to the one where he was all red-headed and stuff?" And that happened to be the second one that was on. The first one was The Year Without a Santa Claus, which we had actually planned to watch because Celeste wanted to see the one with Heat Miser and Cold Miser.

By the time those were over, it was dinner time. The danger of the Nickelodeon Games and Sports channel is that Legends of the Hidden Temple is good to watch during dinner, and then Figure It Out is on right after. So by the time that was over, we figured it was pointless trying to get anymore work done, and we were going to play Final Fantasy XII, but Celeste intercepted us and said, "We could watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." We didn't really want to, so we suggested watching Mulan in Mandarin instead. We didn't put it in right away, because we can't just watch a movie. It's a thing we have. When Celeste commented on it, we told her, and she said we needed more spontaneity in our lives. I thought about it and decided that if spontaneity stems from boredom, I could do without.

But anyway, we finally watched Mulan in Mandarin after having the DVD for two years. It was an interesting experience, because it's been so long since we've had no idea what people are saying in a movie. (We decided to watch it without English subtitles, because we should all be familiar enough with the movie that we didn't need them too much.) Celeste, as many of you know, spent a semester in China, so it everytime she caught a word she knew, she would translate for us. It was very cute. A little disorienting, though, because we're the ones studying a far eastern language. But that's what we get for only focusing on Japanese. I soooo want to watch Disney movies in Japanese. Especially The Little Mermaid, because Kazuhiko Inoue has a very sexy voice.

I noticed that when you don't have any idea what the dialogue is saying, you (or at least I) pay more attention to the art and animation. I was reminded again that there's a very good reason Disney has such a good reputation for good animation.

It was interesting to hear Jackie Chan speaking Chinese, but I think I stand by my comment that any movie is best in the language it was created in. Watching it in Chinese, maybe we don't know what we're talking about, but the Chinese language seemed to really emphasize the contrast between American-written Chinese characters, and real Chinese characters. The body language just didn't seem to match. And Celeste even pointed out towards the end when Yao asks, "Can she do that?" and they all shrug that Chinese people don't shrug. She says she learned that the hard way. There must be a story. We have vague memories of hearing that story, but no memories of what it was.

Celeste was bored again today, so we watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It was a good movie, and I think anyone who jumps to the conclusion that a divorced parent needs to remarry right away for the sake of the kids really needs to see it. It was too girly for Oreo, though. He refused to come out and watch it with us.

Today I'm thankful for clothing forts for kitties, the Mulan DVD have the Mandarin track on it (sucks that the Lion King doesn't have Zulu, nor does Aladdin have Arabic; probably because neither of them has Jackie Chan. Lame.), good movies, people who respect church librarians, and fun movie extras.
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