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We're lame.

I guess it's time to update LiveJournal. I was thinking that, since people seem to go out and have, like, social lives and stuff on Saturdays, we could start putting up short translations of like Saiyuki mini-dramas and stuff (eventually we'll finally get back to Anime Tenchou...) as a treat for the people who, like us, have no lives and are constantly checking LJ even on the weekends. But right now I'm feeling really lazy and don't wanna. It's been an interesting day.

It's looking like we're definitely going to want to get the bathtub scrubbed on Monday, because the water is warming up less and less, and there's no way any of us can take cold showers too much longer. It almost makes me wish we had like in all those historical anime serieses where they have a fire under the tub. Then we don't have to worry about broken faucets. Ah well. It wouldn't work on the second floor anyway.

And so, because of that, we want to try to get more work done today, to make sure we can stay on schedule next week. But for some reason, the thought makes me tired. And I think that's why we won't be posting a translation today, alas. Maybe tomorrow or next week.

Today I'm thankful for cleaners with no harmful fumes (or at least less of them), hot water, the weather being a little warmer while our faucet's not working, cute kitties on the bed, and Christmas CDs.
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