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I'm exhausted. This series we're working on is chock full of text. I was wondering why it was taking us so long to get through it, because we weren't really getting stuck on anything. Then Athena pointed out that almost every page has at least twenty items to be translated. It's a very good series, but very very tiring. We meant to get forty pages done today, but our Kingdom Hearts soundtrack ran out when we got to thirty-nine, and we were just too tired to go on to that last page. We are such weenies.

We still haven't gotten the new book from TokyoPop, so we still don't know if the UPS guy in our ward delivers to our apartment. Fortunately, we have to put some stuff in the mail anyway, so if the package did come and was left in the office without giving us a note, then we have a good excuse to go to the office and ask. And that gives us that much more time to work on this other series before having to figure out how to adjust our schedule.

So now we're just tired. And hungry. We should go snack on something.

Today I'm thankful for serieses with less text, being able to use the magical productivity-raising powers of the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, being done working for the day, finding out what our invoice problem with Del Rey was and being able to solve it, and having time to catch up on anime.
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