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Wow, we were at LiveJournal like five minutes ago, we tried to do something else, decided it wasn't working, and then came back and the site's design is all different. It's really pretty though, I like it.

We haven't gotten the new book from TokyoPop yet, so we've still been going with the schedule we had before, only trying to hurry it a bit. That's why we started on the CMX series today instead of just saving it for tomorrow. I'm hoping our boss at TokyoPop sent the new book UPS, because a guy in our ward mentioned working for UPS when he bore his testimony on Sunday, and I think it would be neat to have a package delivered by somebody we sort of know. I was kind of sad when he first mentioned it, because when I went over all our close deadlines, I realized we already have the books for all of them, so that's one more reason to be excited about getting a new book to work on.

Oh! We also have seen on two different websites now that Del Rey has announced the title we're translating for them. Of course, one of them listed their source as being the first one, but we figure there must be some official announcement somewhere, because they have the Del Rey title instead of the original Japanese. So we figure we can talk about it. Hopefully we won't get in trouble.

It's called My Heavenly Hockey Club, and it's like Host Club meets field hockey and decides it doesn't like it. It's seriously like a clone! This middle-class girl ends up in the club with all the rich pretty boys against her will, and is dragged along on all sorts of crazy adventures.

There's even a set of twins! Our main complaint: the twins don't have given names. It's not so bad, though, because there's another set of brothers that is obviously not twins, and they don't have given names either. But they're also not main characters. I guess we could just think of it like Timmy's parents in Fairly OddParents.

There are actually quite a lot of differences between Hockey Club and Host Club, though. Everyone knows Hana's a girl, for example. And the characters are all different personality-wise. And they made the team captain the "wild type." They did name the one guy who doesn't talk much Takashi, with the same kanji and everything, but he's supposed to be the Kyoya equivalent.

Anyway, it's a good series, even if the characters don't all have names. And one of the awesome things about our contract with Del Rey is that we can get ten free copies of the finished English version. I don't know when it's coming out (summer according to those articles), so I'll mention it again when the time comes, but if anybody's interested in a free copy, let us know, because we really don't have many people to give them to.

We were eating chocolate covered pretzels last night and some of them tasted like ginger. It was very strange. I wonder if someone used the same scooper to get pretzels and something ginger-related. Or possibly cloves. We don't use either of those like at all, so we can't tell them apart for sure.

Today I'm thankful for having finished the translation notes on the book for Del Rey, still having chocolate covered pretzels, pretty new website designs, getting used to new layouts, and rerun season allowing us more time for FF12.
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