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"I'll do it tomorrow."

I'm now officially using LJ for procrastination. Tadah!

We thought we'd type up a bit of translation for the CMX series to send in to our boss there in case we still have to get the format right, because it would suck to do the whole book in a format that makes things difficult for everyone. But since it's kind of out of the way, it's annoying and we don't want to do it. And so, I update LiveJournal instead.

We were at the "Become a Disney Pirate" Sweepstakes homepage this morning (one entry per person per day!) and while we were waiting for the thing to kick in so clicking the "enter the sweepstakes" button worked, we looked at all the details again. I had just assumed it was an animatronic thing, but as it turns out, the prize is having your caricature made an artpiece or something for the ride. This would actually work out really well in case one of us wins, because if it's a painting, it wouldn't cost any more to say, "You know it would be cool to have twins...!" But of course there might be some legal obligation so that they can only use one of us anyway.

I don't know if it's a good idea to keep thinking about what would happen if one of us won, like what if I jinx it or something, but I can't help it. It's too awesome. I keep thinking things like, "When we're having lunch with Jack Sparrow, we should always address him as Captain!" and, "But if it's a trip for four, who will we take with us?" And I get excited whenever I'm reminded of pirates, which makes playing Final Fantasy XII that much more interesting. At any rate, life's more fun when you're excited about something, so yeah.

We watched the next episode of Kirarin Revolution today, and there wasn't anymore cute English because they had to run into an American idol who just happened to speak Japanese. Of course. She spoke English, but it wasn't as cute to me. But that's okay, because Hoshi-san♥'s character showed up in Soukou no Strain, which was happy because we didn't know he was in it.

This morning I woke up to a giant cat walking on top of me. My head was under the covers, which may or may not have had something to do with his decision to settle down on top of my arms. He's seventeen pounds, and I am a weak little twig, so I couldn't move much except to stretch. So I went back to sleep.

Today I'm thankful for having had a bag of mint chocolate Hershey kisses, making good progress on work, pirates, being able to use butter again (instead of margarine), and kitties watching Shounen Onmyouji with us.
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