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A pirate's life for me!

This is how out of it I am. I completely forgot to mention yesterday that Dad is getting married. I guess it's not that weird, considering that I didn't mention Aurora getting married, but in Aurora's case we still haven't heard anything from her, and in Dad's case he called to tell us directly. We really aren't very close to our family, are we? Alas.

Nobody seemed to pick up on the new Christmas theme in the library, sadly. Not only did no one contribute any languages they may have learned on missions, but someone had partially erased the "joyeux noel"! Our best theory is that someone still has a grudge against the French, but probably our most accurate is that it was some little kid who was brought in when their mom needed something and they were bored. But why specifically the French one?

On the bright side, the guy who learned Portuguese on his mission comes in every week to check out some books, so we made him write on the board. Unfortunately, none of the Hmong members came in today.

I always talk about the kind of frivolous aspects of church, I've noticed, and then it makes me think I should write something about the talks or the lessons, or testimonies in the case of the first Sunday of the month. They were all very good, of course. I guess it's just too personal for us, or something. I don't know. But there was a lot of stuff it's good to be reminded of.

I spent a lot of time thinking about stuff. Mostly, that I need to be someone who deserves to be a Disney pirate. The operative word, of course, is Disney pirate, because non-Disney pirates can, and probably should, do all sorts of not-nice things to be considered pirates. But Disney is having a "Become a Disney Pirate" sweepstakes, and I want Athena or me to win sooooo badly. The grand prize is first a trip to Disneyland where you'll get to have lunch with an Imagineer, who is probably the person that will get all the stuff for the caricature of you, which will then be made into an animatronic pirate and placed in Pirates of the Caribbean. Then when it's all done, you get to go to Disneyland again to see it, and have lunch with Captain Jack Sparrow, and get all sorts of VIP treatment. This is one of the coolest things I've ever heard of.

The first through...I think sixth? prizes are all pretty cool, too (an entertainment system, Pirates of the Caribbean pinball game, a duplicate of Jack Sparrow's ring, etc.), but man being a Disney pirate would be awesome.

And so now we have to make sure to be the kind of people that we would think deserve that kind of awesomeness. We've already got the love of Disneyland, so now we have to work on being awesome people. I think patience and humility are where we're going to need the most work.

Oh! and since it's not nice to keep things to ourselves, we just follow the link we got on our Disney Insider newsletter, so I don't know the exact link, but the sweepstakes is at the official Pirates of the Caribbean movie website, in case anyone else is interested.

Today I'm thankful for our library sempai being around when we have copier problems, getting to sing Christmas hymns in sacrament meeting this morning, shiny 2007 pocket calendars with pretty pictures of Mickey Mouse, Christmas wallpaper for our computer, and kitties being in easy reach.
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