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Yo-ho-ho, he took a bite of gum-gum

Yes, that's right. We've been watching One Piece...dubbed. Dun-dun-dun!

I'm sorry! But now that it's on Cartoon Network, it's the easiest way! And really, it isn't nearly as bad if you haven't seen the Japanese version. I happen to know for a fact that, purists that we are, if we had seen more than one episode in Japanese less than three years ago, there are a lot of things in the dub that would make me ask, "Why do they think they're smarter than the Japanese version?"

I also think that I would be horrified with Luffy's voice. Now, it's just mildly annoying. I am firmly of the opinion that any dub is tolerable if you haven't seen the Japanese version, but if you have, forget about it. I also happen to think that One Piece isn't dubbed very poorly. And I like Shanks's accent.

We both think that the narration should be, "There was once a man named Gold Roger," instead of, "There once was..." because now it sounds like it's trying to be a limerick, until he goes to the next line where it doesn't rhyme or fit the rhythm or anything and it's just like, "What?"


The opening theme is totally awesome. I think that if we had been more familiar with the original opening, we may have thought, "But...why did they change it?" which would have been a silly question because the obvious answer is that little kids watching Fox Box don't speak Japanese. But I enjoy the English opening, and I think it's hilarious that they say, "Don't give it up Zoro," when they decided to name the guy Zolo (Athena says if you're listening for Zolo, you can hear Zolo too. That takes talent with an English R). And those girls that say, "How did that happen?" make me laugh and laugh.

I like to think of the song as a really good fanart. I think it would be awesome if more people wrote songs as fanart. And then they could make AMVs to them! If I could write music, I would be writing something right now. Or maybe not, since I'm lazy, but I'd be thinking about it.
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