November 27th, 2021


The Line of Excruciating Longness

Whew, today was stressful. We've been asked to speak in sacrament meeting tomorrow, so, after putting it off all week (using work and the "need" to play video games as an excuse), we spent this afternoon writing our talks. Now we're dealing with the, "I thought it was a good idea when I started, but now I'm not so sure..." jitters. They've subsided some after distracting ourselves with Pokemon, but tomorrow morning is going to be tough.

In the meantime, let's distract ourselves some more Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for finishing writing our talks, surviving the Line of Excruciating Longness, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, the cast member who helped us realize that we should force all of the children into the line of excruciating longness, and getting to go on the Little Mermaid ride.