November 25th, 2021


Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, this was certainly a very unusual Thanksgiving. We were planning to work, which would not be so unusual (though I think we do generally manage to take the day off), but that plan was thwarted at 2:11am last night, when the wind knocked out our power. We were happy to get a little extra sleep, but we still had work to do, so first I used my phone to see if we could figure out what the situation was. Power lines (and a few phone poles) had been knocked down in a few places across the city--as far as we can tell, it didn't affect everyone, just some people, including us. The power company's outage map said we'd probably get our power back by noon-thirty.

"Cool," we thought, "guess that means we get to do the Turkey Day stuff in Animal Crossing after all." And that's exactly what we did. Then noon-thirty was approaching and we figured we ought to eat some lunch. I checked the status on the power, and the estimated repair time had been moved to five-thirty. Well, that's not great, but we can manage. It was time to start conserving charge on the Switch, so instead we pulled out some manga--actual physical copies with eternal battery life. I was reading Our Precious Conversations, though, and (as the title may suggest) it's pretty wordy. And it also turns out that I've maybe been more tired than even I realized. So after a few chapters, I had to put the book down and go to sleep. At least it was a good way to pass the time with no electricity.

The power was still off when I woke up, but we still had some light and my brain was working better, so we read some more. Then we stopped having light, because the sun was going down. On the bright side, now there was definitely a guy on the phone pole outside, so we thought our power would be back pretty soon. We figured it was a good time to start playing Pokemon Shining Pearl, which we preordered weeks ago but haven't been able to play since it officially came out last Friday (in large part because we were trying to get maple-leaf recipes in Animal Crossing).

Five-thirty came and went with no power, though, and at about six o'clock, the Switch alerted us to the fact that its battery was running low. I checked the outage map, and now it was projecting a repair time of 7:30. That's an hour and a half with no TV, no books, no video games, no nothing except a flashlight. I mean, I guess we could have shared the flashlight and done some more reading, or tried to read with our iPads (mine has about 70% power right now). But first, we thought about venting to our family. We didn't know who all might still be having dinner, so we sent a group text informing everyone that we had no power and no Switch, in the hopes that, if nobody called to keep us company, at least there would be a few text messages to read.

Then, after everyone replied with their, "Yikes!" sort of messages, there was a beeping, and the power was back! Tadah! We survived! Sometimes, you just have to vent to people, and suddenly everything is resolved. ...And now we're up late, because we got carried away playing Pokemon.

Today I'm thankful for having our electricity back, for the power company people who worked on Thanksgiving Day so that we could have our power back, our Switch being fully charged when the power went out, getting all the maple-leaf recipes in Animal Crossing, and getting to play Pokemon Shining Pearl.