November 24th, 2021



So here we are, looking at our schedule and thinking oh snap, we're going to have to work every day through January that we're not visiting family or on a cruise for the holidays, and all we want in life is to watch the new episodes of Edens Zero and play Pokemon Shining Pearl, but first we have to run back and forth in Animal Crossing while there are still maple leaves flying around in the hopes of getting all those recipes (ends tomorrow, I think...), and then one of our publishers remembers yet another of our more time-consuming titles to add to our schedule. Thankfully, they pushed the deadline back two weeks when we said we were pretty sure we'd have trouble with it.

Really what I'm saying is, we'll be working tomorrow. But we do have some food we like to eat, so we'll make sure to have a happy Thanksgiving anyway! And we'll try to at least stop working sooner.

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Today I'm thankful for getting a good amount of work done, the magic of the Tiki Room, getting to learn something new about Autopia, helpful security guards, and realizing that we're not missing nearly as many of the Animal Crossing maple leaf recipes as we thought.