November 15th, 2021



After a whole week of Leif selling tomatoes and pumpkins, we were really excited to play Animal Crossing today and see what new produce he was selling this week. Approximately 99% (it's actually closer to 80%, but I like my hyperbole) of all the cooking recipes the game has given us require flour, and we had yet to see a single grain of wheat.

But we were responsible! We did all our work first, and that included a chapter of Edens Zero that was deceptively difficult. And when we finally finished, we eagerly turned on the discover that Leif is selling potatoes and sugarcane again. What! I mean, don't get me wrong, we love our sugar, but we can't make a single thing with the sugar unless we also have wheat! We like potatoes pretty well, too, but we have not a single recipe that uses them on their own. I wonder if there's a french fry recipe out there...

We tried to stay optimistic. We still had a boat tour to go on--maybe Kapp'n would take us to a produce island! On the way there, he sang a song about not crying when your dreams don't come true right away, because maybe you have to achieve them another way, and I was like, "Our dream of Leif selling wheat didn't come true...maybe we have to get wheat on another island!"

When we got to the island, sure enough, there was produce! It was potatoes! Nooooooooooooooo!!! We already had a potato island. We have so many potatoes, you guys, it's ridiculous. Like, we seriously have about a hundred potatoes. (Athena tells me it was 92, to be precise.)

But the island tried to make it up to us. It gave us a gold nugget when Athena hit the rocks, and it had a recipe for some apple jelly, which requires no flour whatsoever. So that was nice.

Later, we saw that Grawp was playing. I don't remember if I mentioned this, but last time we were visiting family, he gave us their physical copy of Mario Party. (Apparently they had the game, they lost the card, and after weeks of not finding it, they gave up and bought the digital version. Then, of course, they found the card.) We wanted to let him know we appreciated the gift, so we turned it on! His Switch alerted him to this fact, and he immediately called so we could play a game together. And it's extra great, because with Mario Party, you can have multiple players on one Switch connected to one or multiple players on another Switch, which means I get to play, and, if Grawp is patient enough to not charge ahead as a single player, at least one of his siblings gets to play, too! He was not so patient this time, but that turned out to be fine, because Hagger had been banned from the Switch for the day (something about yelling in the car) and Hermie had to take a bath.

And it was pretty fun, but Grawp started losing and was not taking it very well. He wasn't mean to anybody (except for yelling at the game for not giving him better dice rolls), so it made us sad for him. ...Not sad enough to throw the game, though. I do think that you can't let a lose in Mario Party make you sad, because that game is nuts. But I can think that because I'm a mature(?) adult.

Anyway. Grawp and his family, and Gilderoy and his family, and Grandma and Grandpa, will all be coming into town tomorrow, because Wednesday starts our family Disneyland trip! Woohoo! So updates will likely be sparse, unless we're not too dead on any of the upcoming weekdays.

Today I'm thankful for the potato island doing its best to cheer us up, getting to play Mario Party with Grawp, getting to go to Disneyland with our family, finishing our work at pretty much the normal quitting time (we got some more things to add to our schedule, so maybe we shouldn't have stopped then, but our schedule's pretty locked in for this week), and remembering to pay the tax installments on time.