November 13th, 2021


Juicing up

All the dying yesterday had us thinking maybe we need, like, fruit in our lives. Not, like, fruit fruit, though. I mean, have you met us? But at dinner time, I was like, "I just want all the fruit juice." We didn't have any, of course, because juice is heavy, and we walk to and from the grocery store. But after yesterday, and with three days at Disneyland on the horizon, we were like, "Forget it, we need to carry home all the juice."

The main thing is we wanted something that could give us a quick injection of sugar into our blood streams, so we figured not only was high-fructose corn syrup not verboten in this case, but perhaps something to be sought out. So we looked at the cheap "kids'" drinks, i.e., Kool-Aid and Capri Sun. Capri Sun actually claims to be made of all natural ingredients, and I'm not sure if that includes high-fructose corn syrup or not...but it wasn't on the ingredients list. Anyway, we got a ten-pack of that, so hopefully we won't be needing extra extra fructose.

More importantly, we also thought this would be a good time to try out the Martinelli's apple juice we kept seeing in the juice aisle. They're in cute little bottles that are actually shaped like apples, and since we were in the market for juice, and specifically juice that was already divided into individual servings, we looked at it more closely. The only ingredient on the list was "pasteurized apple juice from US-grown apples." That sounded super patriotic and helpful to local (or at least domestic) farmers, and like I said, the bottles were super cute. So we bought a four-pack!

And I have to tell you, this was the best apple juice I've ever had in my life. I don't really know how to describe it, except, like, sweet and apple-y. The bottle has etched on it, "Drink your apple a day," and I was like, "If you didn't cost $6 for a four-pack, I toooootally would." Definitely good for the occasional treat, though.

Anyway, I think the juice helped, because I've definitely been feeling less sleepy today. ...The extra couple hours of sleep this morning probably also helped with that. We'll see how I feel doing Come, Follow Me tomorrow after a nice bottle of juice! (I love the scriptures, but when I'm tired, they are very soothing...)

Today I'm thankful for getting to try Martinelli's apple juice (it's so good, you guys), getting to hear K.K. Polka (oh my gosh, you guys, it's the best), getting to talk to the fortuneteller on Harv's Island, having a great time at the baptism tonight, and daydreams of Animal Crossing cosplay.