November 11th, 2021


Designing away!

Our work is mostly back on track! And that means we had the whole evening to play video games! And that's extra good, because there's a Pokemon tournament this weekend. We only did a few battles, but Athena won two out of five!

Then it was back to the Animal Crossing. We're impatiently waiting for Leif to get some wheat and carrot starts, even though we know it probably won't happen until next week. But! we did get to go to a boat-tour island that had potatoes! We already have potatoes, but the fact that produce islands exist gives us hope. ...Although it's not unlikely that we'll get wheat from Leif before we find ourselves at another produce island. Or is it? I really don't know.

Anyway. We actually spent most of our time designing! But not for Paradise Planning. Athena's rearranging her own house! She now has a super cute pink bathroom! And we started getting the front room ready for Turkey Day, but somehow we ended up being low on rocks, so we couldn't make the crucial Turkey Day hearths. So the front room is kind of a disaster area right now, which of course made it the perfect time for Ankha to ask to come over. We said yes, of course, and she stuck around until we showed her every single room! It was nice, because we did want to show off all our rooms (except for the two under-construction ones), but a little empty, because it really felt like she's programmed to compliment your taste no matter what's going on. Still, it was neat to see what she had to say.

We were just about done for the night when we decided to head over to the Paradise Planning island anyway, to see if there was a good DIY recipe washed up on shore (a golden garden bunny!), but then all the things Wardell had for sale were sooooo cute! Or pretty or cool or whatever. Like, there was a doctor's desk with x-rays! What! (We didn't actually buy that one, but it's still super cool!) So we wanted to earn some more poki, and on top of that! Papi the Okapi was hanging out and thinking about getting a vacation home! He's an okapi, you guys. He came camping on our island one time, and we were thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to tossing out one of our neighbors so we could have an okapi villager. (But we would never actually kick out a villager, which is why we do not have Papi the Okapi as a neighbor.)

So now that we had a chance to make a more permanent friendship by designing a vacation home for him, we had to pounce on it! So we did! And we got promoted! And we got a raise! So we were able to buy almost everything Wardell had! But we decided not to get the vase or the doctor's desk. Maybe some other time... (We did get a patchwork bed, a card tower, and a stroller, which is only acceptable because it's one of the super cute old-fashioned strollers and is very compact, as opposed to the gigantic monstrosities that gum up the walkways at Disneyland.)

And thus we ended up staying up late again. This was probably not a good idea, because we've been feeling the sleep deprivation, and yet here we are. We can definitely sleep in on Saturday though! (We could probably sleep in tomorrow, but if work goes the way it has been, we should be able to finish early, and we like the idea of finishing work early, and if we start it late, we'll put that idea in jeopardy.)

Today I'm thankful for being mostly back on track with work, getting to design a home for Papi the Okapi, getting to watch SentiBubbler again, not being totally destroyed in Pokemon, and our ice cream seeming to still be harmless (I may have forgotten to put it in the freezer after bringing it home from the grocery store...for seven hours).