November 9th, 2021


Not quite so productive

Work did not go nearly as nicely today as it did yesterday. Part of that is that, now that we're on the second draft, we're doing all the research to choose spellings for things. There's a lot of specialized terms and non-Japanese words and stuff, and we want to make sure we get it...maybe not perfect, but really really good. And it seemed like every other page had a new thing we had to research.

That probably would have been fine, but today was also a sick day. Not for us--we're both fine. But Grawp was home with a fever (he's testing negative for the rona so far), so when he called us to play Minecraft there was no way we were going to say no to that. And so we spent close to two hours playing Minecraft. We got back to work for about another hour before Hermie got home from school and wanted to play Splatoon with us. Can't say no to that, either, of course.

We probably could have said no to Animal Crossing a mere half hour or so after our regular quitting time, but we chose not to. We like to think we've gotten a pretty good handle on the majority of the special terms in this new manga, and that from here on out it should go fairly quickly...but that's ignoring the fact that we're going to have attack names to deal with. ...I'm sure it will be fine.

Anyway. Today's Animal Crossing was spent transforming our hedge maze area into a vegetable garden. We still don't have wheat or carrots, but we have places marked out for them, and the rest of the garden looks great. We even already had a scarecrow! And then we went on a boat tour and got a DIY recipe for a cave, and oh my goodness are we excited about it! This update has given us motivation for all kinds of remodeling.

Today I'm thankful for getting some work done anyway, getting to be there for Grawp, also getting to play Splatoon with Hermie, having everything we need to make a cave, and our other project so far being kind enough that this work delay shouldn't set us back too far.