November 8th, 2021


Planning ahead sort of

Our schedule for this week, ideally, is that we'll take three days to translate the volume of manga we have due next week, leaving us two days this week and two days next week to finish the batch of anime episodes we have due next week. The second three days of next week will have us busy galivanting off to Disneyland with our family. It promises to be utterly exhausting, but hopefully it will be magical.

So far, we're right on track! After doing a chapter of Edens Zero, we started the first draft on this manga volume, and we managed to finish the whole thing! We didn't even have to work late! This is very promising. Hopefully the edit won't be too difficult.

Of course we're still plugging away at Animal Crossing. We designed two new homes today! And our crops still aren't mature, but now we have tomatoes. And yeah.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get all of our work done, having plenty of time to play video games, also getting to watch two episodes of Miraculous, this new series promising to not be too difficult, and also getting to watch an episode of Edens Zero.