November 4th, 2021


More Animal Crossing stuff

It was very difficult waiting to play Animal Crossing today. I mean, work's actually been pretty okay and not brain-melty or anything, so that made it less hard, but we still took longer meeting our quota than we would have liked. But we did finally get to play Animal Crossing, and that's when we found out that we should have stopped in the museum last night to talk to Blathers! We have talked to him now, so we have started the chain of events that that started...

But we had to wait a little extra long, because Grawp called so we took a Minecraft break. There...may have been a worse attitude towards Minecraft than usual on our end, and we hope the kid didn't pick up on it too much... Anyway, he learned some cheats to get you permanent status effects and, like, infinite hearts or whatever, and he wanted to show them off. And it was pretty cool until, after making both himself and Athena practically invincible, he then made them both strong enough to kill nigh-invincible opponents in one hit...and then demonstrated. On Athena, of course. So she lost all her fancy buffs, and that plus the intensified desire to play Animal Crossing made Minecraft significantly less fun. Hopefully we'll do better next time.

In the meantime, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, getting to play a lot of Animal Crossing, getting to hang out with Grawp for a bit, getting a big box delivered labeled Penguin Random House (we think that means it's comp copies from Kodansha, but we have been too busy playing Animal Crossing to open it), and also getting to go to a bamboo island on a Nook Miles Tour.