November 3rd, 2021


Animal Crossing update

We were not prepared for the Animal Crossing update to hit today. I was sure all the news said it was going to be on the 5th! And we were so unprepared for it that we had even done our Animal Crossing early today (because Gaston called, and Animal Crossing is an easier multitask than our job), so we didn't get to the new content (which was probably made available at like five or something?) until we headed over to do our nighttime rounds to check for Celeste and Wisp! ...And then it said, "Just kidding, we have to update first," so we watched Miraculous before instead of after while we waited.

And then there was all kinds of new stuff! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I mean, we knew this update was going to be big even without the expansion pass (which we finally bought this morning when we were Animal Crossing multitasking (we also preordered Pokemon Shining Pearl)), but of course we didn't know all the stuff, because we were like, "We're getting it anyway--we'll see it then!"

And now here we are, almost an hour after our usual computer-before-bed time. The main thing I want to say is I am so happy that they finally have a hairstyle that has a single braid. Even if it was so more people could live out the Frozen fantasies and dress up their avatar like Elsa, I'm happy because Athena and I have worn our hair in single braids for decades, and I was a little bummed that it wasn't an option. And the bangs and wispies that come with it are so cute!!!

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Today I'm thankful for work going pretty well so we managed to finish our quota and still have time for video games, getting to check out the Animal Crossing update, finally getting to have Athena's avatar's hair match her real hair, Boat Song, and the hope that our overbooking problem mentioned yesterday won't sap away all our free time.