November 1st, 2021


Worn out

I think we wore ourselves out last week waaaaaaay more than we realized at the time. Or perhaps it wasn't a wearing out so much as a not fueling up properly. We barely ate anything on the train ride home Wednesday, we did a fair amount of physical labor on Thursday, we skipped lunch on Friday, and we did a ton of walking on Saturday. ...Still, looking back on it, it doesn't seem like we worked that much, or that we missed out on that much food. (Although I admit there's a possibility we don't eat quite enough to begin with.)

The point is, I'm falling asleep. There is so much tired. We have a three-day family trip to Disneyland coming up, too, so if we don't build our stamina, we're in big trouble. On the bright side, clearly we've already been stretching ourselves. Now we just have to figure out the right balance so as not to break ourselves. ...Or we can just completely crash a few days before the trip, and hopefully manage to restore our health in time for the big three days. It's exciting to wonder which it will be!

Also, UQ Holder! continues to be unreasonably difficult to translate. But just as we're hating how hard it is, something really cool happens and we're like, "Darnit, manga!" We have a complicated relationship.

Today I'm thankful for finally figuring out how to get Swanna's four-star behavior (it wasn't even that hard...), also figuring out how to get Murkrow's four-star behavior (we already managed to get it once a long time ago, but the Murkrow was hidden in the grass so we could not for the life of us figure out what it was doing), mushroom season being back in Animal Crossing (we're hoping to get a lot more DIY recipes this time), getting to watch some more Just Add Magic, and managing to finish that chapter of UQ Holder! with a decent amount of time before dinner.