September 23rd, 2021


Research problems

We let the day get away from us, and now we're up late because we got an email this morning from someone asking about a source for a note we wrote up in Noragami 22. These are very important questions to ask, and the immediate feeling when we get them is, "Oh yeah, let me just Google that again real quick and get you the link!" But then we do Google it and remember that if the link was that easy to find, they probably wouldn't have had to ask us where we got the information to begin with, because they're just as capable of Googling as we are.

There are two problems(?) that this question has brought to my attention. First, if you ask us to find a source even, like, three days after we wrote a note, there's a good chance we'll no longer have any idea how we found it. We experienced this several times when our editor asked us, " did you get this information again?" about Sailor Moon.

And more importantly, if we're getting all this information from such obscure sources, can we really be sure it's accurate? We do usually try to make sure we're getting our information corroborated at more than one source, but when it becomes impossible to find either of them again, it does make it all sound a little fishy. For this particular question, the information we did find, although not exactly matching the details from our translation note, was such that we think we at least weren't way too far off base. (The question was in regards to sorei (ancestral spirits) and the specific times of year they visit villages, etc., as opposed to going back to and living in the mountains.)

Still, it's a timely reminder to be more careful and responsible when researching notes, as we have a volume of In/Spectre on the horizon.

Today I'm thankful for important reminders, work ending early today, getting lemon bars from a friend at church, getting to watch Seven Deadly Sins, and also getting to watch Miraculous.