September 21st, 2021


Mr. Pigeon and Furious Fu

We watched three episodes of Miraculous today, but we finished the evening by watching the last couple of Shaman King episodes that are available on Netflix, so I'm having to switch gears. I find that's usually not very difficult until it's time to go back and remember stuff. But Athena reminds me, we were on Mr. Pigeon 72.

Collapse )

Tadah! That's two episode reviews! I mean, these episodes aren't so plot-twisty, so there's not as much to say. But that doesn't make them any less enjoyable! We...think we may be in a contest with our other Miraculous-watching friend to see who can watch these episodes the most the fastest, because we've seen all the other episodes at least ten times. But it's not because we wanted to have this super high view count to brag about (I could say there are more productive ways to spend our time than watching offense, Miraculous--you're the best ever!). It's really just because the characters in Miraculous are the people we want to spend our time with, because we love the series that much.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Miraculous (started with Truth again), getting a decent amount of work done despite some serious distractions, meeting a fan of ours, the idea that we actually have fans, and also being caught up with Shaman King.