September 10th, 2021


The song

Today was another fairly uneventful day, although we did go to the grocery store, which is unusual for a Friday. And there was a huge thunderstorm last night that lasted for like an hour with not a drop of rain. ...But there's not a whole lot to say about each of those.

That being the case, it has occurred to me that, without any other interesting material to post, I cooooooouuuuld share the video of Athena and me singing a Sailor Moon Musical song in English. We're actually extremely nervous about it, because on the one hand, we have had people tell us that we have beautiful voices. On the other hand, we know Trained Singers, and Trained Singers know just how bad anyone who is not a Trained Singer is, because they've been Trained to recognize all the terrible mistakes people make when singing. And Trained Singers sometimes seem to be offended by our singing, and we hate to inflict pain on people...and even more, we hate to deal with the reactions to said pain...because those reactions cause pain for us.

That all, being said... Please understand that we are not trained singers, and I'm pretty sure my breath control was horrendous in this video (nevertheless, I didn't want to do another take). Fortunately, Sailor Moon Musical songs tend to be exactly in our range, so I don't think there will be any screechy notes or anything... (Obviously we haven't listened to it ourselves. What kind of a ridiculous idea is that?)

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Today I'm thankful for getting to buy groceries, meeting our work quota early, getting to finish the first season of Just Add Magic, having lots of time to play Skyward Sword, and having white grape juice.