September 5th, 2021


New bishopric

We got a new bishopric in our ward today! We'd known it was coming for a while because a friend of ours who used to be in the stake presidency recognized some unusual behavior from the current stake presidency, and then last week, we watched our sacrament meeting via Zoom while we were at Mom's house and they announced that they would be formally calling the new bishopric next week (today). We told our family about it, and Mom was like, "If you don't like your new bishop, you can move back up here!"

Well, sorry, Mom, but we think our new bishop is pretty awesome. He was the Sunday school teacher when we were doing Zoom Sunday school. There was no Primary at the time, so we got to attend Sunday school instead, and his lessons were pretty amazing. He clearly has a very strong testimony and he's a really nice guy, so we think he'll do a good job. And we're already good friends with the wife of the second counselor (she gave us Animal Crossing socks for our birthday!), so we're pretty happy with all the choices. The one thing that has me going, "Huh. That's unexpected," is that I'm pretty sure the new bishop is younger than we are. But I've never really been of the opinion that you have to be old to be a good leader, so I'm not too worried about that. It's just a first, that's all.

Meanwhile, Athena is in the middle of a plot to convince the Primary children that singing is cool. Having a hip, young new bishopric plays right into her hands, because the idea is to bring "cool" people in as special guests. Bishopric members are great people to ask for that sort of thing. After the full-time missionaries, they're like, the number one go-to people. (The kids might be more impressed if we bring in members of the Young Men and Young Women, but those older kids are harder to approach.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to work with a great new bishopric, all the good times we had with the former bishopric, the giftbags we got from a kind family who recently moved out of the ward that contained life-saving Hawaiian Punch (the parents were the Sunbeam teachers, so they made a giftbag for everyone in the Primary), our friends who drive us to church bringing donuts for everyone, and having ice plops also courtesy of the giftbags (and for Animal Crossing introducing us to the term "ice plops").