September 4th, 2021



Turns out the relief was not just a brief window from the Tylenol, but in fact real. We got a good night's sleep last night, and now my arm's barely even sore anymore. Life is so much better.

My arm...still stands a good chance of being dead tomorrow. See, we been kicking around an idea for a while that involved translating a song from a Sailor Moon musical, and then we would sing it and record it and see if it seemed like a good idea to other people, too. So Athena spent spare minutes over the last...however long it was...translating the song and coming up with lyrics that fit the melody and everything, until she had something good, and then we got distracted, as we do, and about a week ago, we decided it was Time. And then stuff kept popping up.

So it wasn't until yesterday (sorry, two days ago--before we were recovering from vaccine) that we were able to go over it and tweak it and etc., but by the time we finished, we were like, "Eh, it's too late to record a video," and maybe the vaccine was starting to kick in. Anyway, the point is, today was the day!

...But first we had to figure out wardrobe and lighting...and angles. Turns out the best angle we could get required me to actually hold my phone at arm's length instead of propping it up somewhere like we were hoping to do. And there was a lot of experimenting, and wardrobe involved sweaters on the hottest day of the summer so far (...there may have been hotter days back when we were working on that big anime project, or when we were out of town, but this is the one that made a difference to us), and I am weak and puny, and I was holding my arm up for a loooooong time (we only did two takes, but still). And that's why my arm will probably be dead tomorrow. That and grocery shopping. And it's the arm I got my vaccine in.

Anyway. I'm not ready to post the link here just yet, so...maybe look forward to it someday?

Today I'm thankful for getting that video recorded, having a positive reaction from our first (extremely limited) focus group, surviving our silly wardrobe choice (I think it was a cute idea, though...), getting to play Skyward Sword tonight, and also getting to watch another episode of Edens Zero.