September 2nd, 2021


Mischief Managed

We finally got our second doses of the vaccine today! Tadah!

But wait, you might be asking, didn't you get your first shots like a billion years ago? And you would be right! (Except for the hyperbole, of course.) We got our first doses at...the beginning of July, I think? And we were all set to get part two at the end of July...until that big anime project hit. If we had been more aggressive about getting it done when the project started, we might have been able to take some time off to get the vaccine thing taken care of, but since we had not been, we couldn't even afford the time it would take to get the vaccine, let alone the time it might take to recover from the effects. The first dose was no picnic for us, and if the second one is worse, like it is for many people, we would have lost at least two days, and we were working up to the wire on that thing.

So now that that project is finished and we've returned from our cat-sitting journey, and our next deadlines are far enough away that we can pretend they aren't really a thing, we decided it was time. We were a little worried, because when we mentioned to Steve that we hadn't been able to get our second doses, he was like, "But isn't there a set time where if you don't get the second shot, you have to start all over? I think it's ten days." He had a specific time period, thus lending credibility to his claim! Aaaaaaaahhh! So we made sure to ask the pharmacist when we went in, and she said that no, we don't have to start over, and oh my goodness was that a relief.

So today, we were much more careful not to overexert ourselves like we did for the first shot, and we made sure to have plenty to eat and drink plenty of water, so we're optimistic about how it's going to go. But we're also both feeling a little extra spent, so...I guess we'll just see. Our plans for most of our time tomorrow are to play the Legend of Zelda, so either way, it's a win.

Today I'm thankful for finally being fully vaccinated, getting to play video games with Grawp and Hermie, having a backup dinner available when we realized we were out of butter, the Edens Zero YouTube channel, and finally getting to get back to the Legend of Zelda.
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