August 18th, 2021



The manager didn't get back to us, so all we can do is assume that means she read our proposal about the ultrasonic devices, told herself it was taken care of, and silently approved of it. But the devices weren't scheduled to arrive until today sometime before nine pm, so mostly we had to kill time until they got here. We couldn't up and leave before plugging them in, after all.

So we got to work on our next assignment, and as soon as we could reasonably call it quittin' time, we quit. Oddly enough, cleaning under duress is not conducive to recovering from super-drained batteries, even if it is a completely different type of effort.

We also recently found out that our favorite French voice actor is in the French dub of Vivo, so we figured today would be a good day to check it out. We had no interest in it before, because we never liked Lin Manuel Miranda's attitude since he made comments about Moana along the lines of, "My Disney movie is going to be better than all those other Disney movies, because I actually researched the culture that was being represented." Like, oh my gosh, Disney has done so much research on their movies, go watch Saludos Amigos from the 1940s. We might have forgiven him if Moana hadn't bored us... Also, two of the songs in Moana sounded like Wikipedia articles, and that kind of thing makes me wonder if that's where all the research went.

But anyway. We weren't going to watch Vivo, but now we had to. And our policy is to watch things in their original language first, so that's what we did...and maybe it wasn't the best idea, because we did not find Vivo to be that appealing as a character, and we're sure he would probably have at least 100% more charisma (the kind that works on us, anyway) as played by our favorite French voice actor. He did manage to make Percy Jackson sound like not-a-punk, after all.

I'm not sure Vivo (the kinkajou) will ever be 100% likeable, though, because he's just such a jerk. And can I tell you how tired I am of this trope? Vivo the Kinkajou is basically the exact same character as Marlin from Finding Nemo, where he's all, "I have a mission, and I'm reluctantly letting you help because I can't do it on my own but I'm going to be complaining about how stupid you are and rolling my eyes at you constantly." And this personality shows up in varying degrees in Kristoff in Frozen, Maui in Moana, Nick in Zootopia, Flynn Rider in Tangled (Flynn was more self-serving than annoyed, though, so at least there's that), Wreck-It Ralph in Wreck-It Ralph, and on and on and on, and I'm just so tired of it. The female leads playing opposite them are all varying degrees of the same character, too, and while they do tend to be super cute (I hated Anna, but the rest of them were fun), I don't really find the dynamic to be entertaining and all these movies bore me to deeeaaaath.

So yeah. We didn't enjoy it. There were bits and pieces that were fun. Gabi really was super cute (but oh my heck her rap went on forever). But then we got to the international credits and found out that the French dub has different singing voices for most of the singing characters, including Vivo! And now we're like, "What's even the point if we don't get to hear our favorite French voice actor sing?" We should just watch the Miraculous Christmas special again. ...But we probably will watch it again in French. After a cooling off period.

Today I'm thankful for not getting a visit from pest control today, our ultrasonic devices arriving, finally getting to take our trip, getting to play Pokemon Snap, and it being time to sleep soon.