August 12th, 2021



Today was pretty much the same as usual: full of work. But towards the beginning of the day, Gilderoy called us with a video call so he could show off some of his Super Mario Legos. They were really cool.

When we was done, he brought the phone to his sister, who was busy playing with one of her toys. She showed us a few things, then said, "Stay right there!" and scampered off. We assumed she was going to come back with something she wanted to show us, or something, but she was taking a while, so we started getting back to work, which involved talking, so she asked, "Why are you talking like that?" and we said something about doing our work, and she goes, "You know you can hang up, right?" Well, excuse me for thinking "stay right there" meant to not hang up. Kids.

Anyway. It was cute. We finished our work quota for today and had time to lose a couple of battles in the current Pokemon tournament. Just one more day and this project should be over! ...Well, one more day of the main work, and then some final readthroughs on Saturday, but then! it should be over!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, being very close to finishing the whole project, getting to chat with Gilderoy and Rosetta, having some ice cream to eat before bedtime, and it being significantly cooler now than it was this afternoon.