August 10th, 2021


A quick Miraculous break

In a small break from the monotony, we got our Miraculous subscription boxes today! I mean, I got mine today. Athena's came yesterday. We'd been tracking them since we got the shipping confirmations, of course, and they seemed to be following the same trajectory, but the estimated delivery date changed from Wednesday (last week) to Thursday (last week) to pending on both of them, and then Athena's just showed up yesterday, and mine's tracking information said it was being sent to the US Postal Service (from FedEx). So that was weird, but they're both here now! ...Pretty banged up, but here!

And fortunately, the contents weren't destroyed. I mean, the boxes inside the boxes were also banged up, but the products themselves were fine. Collapse )

So that was nice. And then we had a nice long chat with Mom on the phone, and then we got back to work, because we hadn't met our quota yet. And now here we are. Slowly but surely, we are making it to the end of this project.

Today I'm thankful for getting our Miraculous boxes, getting to chat with Mom, meeting our work quota, getting to go camping with a bunch of Alcremies (in the background while we were on the phone with Mom), and all the neat Miraculous stuff we got.