August 7th, 2021



In case anybody was following along and missed our post last night, we didn't make one. We were working until 10pm, and I didn't really see the point in signing on to LJ just to say, "Yeah, we worked all day, kthnxbye," when I've already done that this week and I was really tired.

So today we were faced with the decision of not working this weekend in the name of more fully recharging, or getting some work done to lighten the load next week. We opted for the former, and oh it was glorious to play Pokemon Snap all afternoon. I think we got some really cool pics, too, but I live so much in the present that I can't remember any of them anymore.

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in this morning, our freezer still working, getting to play Pokemon Snap for good chunk of time since the update finally, the beautiful weather we had today, and the adorableness of Tepig.