August 5th, 2021


Working all day

It's almost nine-fifteen and we just finished work. Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhhh...

On the bright side, we had a small break when our youngest nephew video called us to show us his indom...indomini...indomina...indominus? Rex? You know, the big scary dinosaur from Jurassic World. He got a giant...plushie? of one. Seriously, I think it's taller than he is. But we didn't know that until later in the call. The kids don't know how to do size comparisons yet. Anyway, he showed off some of his toys, then his sister wanted to show off, then he wanted to show off again. The oldest made a couple of appearances, one to ask if we could plan to go visit them soon. We told him there's a distinct possibility.

And it was very cute, but as usual, it kind of devolved into the children having the video call going on while their attention got caught by the TV, so we...actually were planning to multitask by going to lunch or getting back to work, but when I asked the kids which one we should do, they told us we could go. So we hung up and spent the rest of the day working, except for a couple of quick breaks to eat, and one break to do the rounds in Animal Crossing. And now here we are. Fortunately, this state of affairs shouldn't last much longer than another week...

Today I'm thankful for getting to our ideal work quota (a little late, but I don't think any sleep will be lost), getting to talk to the kiddos, having a new neighbor in Animal Crossing, the end of the busyness being in sight (even if it does seem very far away), and the revitalizing powers of the Edens Zero trailer.