August 3rd, 2021


Thoughts on the Sailor Moon delays

Oh my goodness, the new Pokemon Snap update is amazing and we wish we could play it forever! ...Or for, like, a week or something. We're feeling very escapist, but it's also true that you can only do a course so many times before you'd rather go anywhere else.

But more importantly(?), we found out this morning that the newest edition of Sailor Moon manga, the Naoko Takeuchi edition, has been delayed yet again. I suspect people might come seeking our blog in an attempt to find out what in the Sam hill is going on with it, but unfortunately, there's not a whole lot we can tell anybody. We've been at least 99% out of the loop since we turned in the second volume of Sailor V over a year ago. So really, that's all we can say, is that we're pretty clueless about it. I don't think we'd get in trouble if we said we know that the editors are fine-tuning everything, so it won't be the exact same translation as the Eternal Edition, but we can't even tell you the extent of the tweakings.

We suspect, though, that it probably has more to do with the same printing problems that have been plaguing the manga industry for the last several months due to covid.

And that's about all we know.

(PS: If anyone was hoping the big project that's been sapping all our time had anything to do with Sailor Moon, I'm sorry to tell you it does not. It's not even a manga project.)

Today I'm thankful for getting a teeny tiny bit ahead in work, having time to try out the new Pokemon Snap update, the Pokemon Snap update being super awesome, the hope that we might yet find a Rowlet (but no spoilers!), and having Chips Ahoy cookies with Pokemon packaging.