July 31st, 2021



We had a bit of a tragedy last night that I didn't mention because I was hoping it would miraculously go away. See, we're working on an anime, and just as we were finishing up an episode, I realized that I had copied and pasted the script for this episode into the file for the previous episode...without doing a "save as" first to make sure it was a different file. So basically I had saved over the previous episode script. We spent about an hour researching ways to restore previous versions, but it was too late, nothing worked.

And so we ended up starting all over today. Fortunately, we only had to redo about two-thirds of the episode, and even though we forgot all the stuff we came up with for the trickier lines of dialogue, it didn't take us very long, and we still had time to relax this evening and snap some Pokemons. I think the biggest tragedy of all is, if we were going to have to start over anyway, I wish we would have used the time we spent trying to restore the file playing more Pokemon Snap. But we got some good photos today, so I think it all worked out.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the work redo, having time to snap some Pokemons, white grape juice, having more time to devote to this anime series next week, and the day of rest.