July 27th, 2021


Pacing ourselves

Last night we found out that our monthly simulpub, which we were expecting next week, will be landing tomorrow. We also have a volume of manga due this Friday, and of course we still have the big project that we've been working on. The future was looking a little bleak, but through the grace of God, we managed to finish our work quota for the manga and the big project, and we even had enough time to make our weekly phone call to our mother. The call ended with enough time to get back to the big project, but by then we couldn't bring ourselves to go back. Fortunately, we're far enough ahead that we don't thiiiiink that will be a problem. Anyway, we're still pacing ourselves...and we got to play a teeny tiny bit of Pokemon Snap, which was nice.

The other thing that happened last night is that Athena remembered that the latest chapter of Miraculous manga had come out! So even though it was past our bedtime, we bought it and read it! Now they're doing Dark Cupid, and it's so so so cute. In this version, Nino offers to sign Chloe's hamster petition. It was adorable.

Today I'm thankful for meeting both our work quotas without too much trouble, not having to cut our call with our mother short, another adorable chapter of Miraculous manga, getting to snap a few Pokemons, and not having to worry about this monthly simulpub next week (although I do wonder if it's an omen for our other monthly(?) simulpub; we never know when that one's coming in...and the last one was over a month ago).