July 23rd, 2021

kid flash

Moving right along

The endless work continues. We seem to have picked up some steam (or the part we were working on was easier), so it looks like there's hope for meeting our deadline without having to give up sleep.

In the meantime, we also got a call from Grawp today, who had been very busy landscaping Athena's home in their most recent Minecraft world. He planted lots of wheat, made her a chicken pen (consisting of a one-by-three ditch with three chickens in it), and carpeted her entire home! And he mined away some of the carpet to show her the bed he'd made for her, too! There was still a giant tree growing on top of the house.

At one point Grawp wanted some wood, but they were both deep in the mines and far from any trees. Athena said she didn't have any wood--she had some at home, but she'd have to go all the way back to get it. Then Grawp said he wanted to try something, but Athena had to stand in a very particular spot. So she did, and he pushed her in the lava. And then she was home! ...So Grawp gave her enough time to get wood and gather a few other things and then he teleported her back to the mine. So helpful, this child. (He did ask if it was okay before he teleported her.)

Today I'm thankful for work being somewhat easier today, getting to talk to Grawp, having a teeny tiny bit of time to snap Pokemons (still not sure it was wise, but it was necessary), the nice cool breeze from the window, and getting to sleep in tomorrow (another thing that may not be wise but is definitely necessary).