July 18th, 2021


Being social

I always knew in the back of my mind that there was a good chance the nice mild weather would go away eventually, and today is the day. Thankfully, it's still relatively mild (high of about 90), and the forecast for next week is back to the 80s. Also, we spent a good chunk of time away from home today, so we weren't warming the place up with our body heat!

We got to go to a friend's house for dinner, and we had a lovely time. Not really much worth reporting on LJ about, though. Just a lot of good conversation, where we talked about the usual stuff like how Disney is ruining Disney and some of the ins and outs of translation, that sort of thing. And there were spaniels who were adorable.

We wanted to be good guests, so when we got the dinner invitation, we asked if we should bring something, and she suggested a side dish. We were just going to grab some potato chips at the store, but when we went shopping yesterday, apparently there'd been some kind of a disaster in the chip aisle, because it was blocked off and there was a big pile of kitty litter we assume was meant to absorb something heinous. So we asked ourselves what sides usually go with pizza (we are so estranged from normal eating that we usually only have a main dish...which is often something most people consider to be a side dish), and we thought, "Breadsticks?" So we found some garlic butter breadsticks in the freezer aisle, and today we had a more-adventurous-than-expected time heating them up. And I burned my wrist. But they turned out to be really tasty, so it was worth it!

At church, one of the speakers gave a talk about pioneers, and she had a book with something...I'm not sure if it was a story or a memoir or what exactly...but it turns out it was written by our great-great-grandfather! So that's something I want to look into getting a copy of. She didn't read exactly what he wrote, only paraphrased it, so I know it was about him trekking across North America to get to Utah back in...we think she said 1860.

Today I'm thankful for getting to hear a little about our great-great-grandfather, getting to spend the evening with friends, Primary going well despite the AC troubles, the breadsticks being really good, and also getting to eat some Biscoff cookies for a snack.