July 14th, 2021


A little overwhelmed

We're feeling a little overwhelmed today, but I think it's mostly our own fault...well, partially. Part of it is that Grawp actually had two hours to play on the Switch today, which we were happy to join him for, especially because it was Pokemon for the vast majority of it. ...Then he switched back to Minecraft, and I really hope this doesn't mean he's done with the Pokemon phase, but if he is, at least we can explore a Minecraft ocean for a while...?

The part that's mostly our fault is the Pokemon tournament...and the work. We got offered a project today that promises to help us with our current financial situation (at least a little), but it's kind of new to us, and we have no idea how long it will take, and that scares us. There's a chance we'll end up with no free time for a few weeks, but we won't know until we actually get started on the thing, and there's a fair amount of prep work that's going to need to go into it before we can even get to that stage.

And with all that going on, there's a Pokemon tournament starting tomorrow! Athena's been frantically trying to get her Crawdaunt ready for it. I mean, of course there are shortcuts, and they probably wouldn't even affect the Pokemon negatively, but we like to do things the old-fashioned way, also because it gives us a chance to hunt for shiny Pokemons and listen to audiobooks. So now we've finally finished the third audiobook of Percy Jackson French version! Tadah!

Also, we have a friend going to Disneyland this weekend, and while we've decided not to recklessly spend the money to pay for admission for ourselves to join her, we do want to meet up with her. The current plan is to go to Downtown Disney and hang out indefinitely until she contacts us and says she's had enough of being inside the park and is ready to come out and say hi. That's going to make it a little bit difficult to get our work done, but not impossible! ...But we probably won't work on the big thing that's scaring us, so we're still scared about that.

So yeah. Feeling a little scattered and overwhelmed, but also excited! Especially because Michel et Augustin is having a Bastille Day sale, so we did recklessly spend some money on croissant chips! Oh, but they bring me so much joy...

Today I'm thankful for the prospect of more croissant chips in the near future, having an exciting new project to work on, getting to listen to more of our favorite French voice actor reading Percy Jackson, getting to meet up with our friend this weekend, and getting to play more Pokemon with Grawp.